Our purpose is to make accurate information available to voters. To pursue that purpose, we collect some information when you use this website. We will never sell this information or allow it to be used contrary to the public interest. This page explains what information we collect and how we may use that information. It also explains how we use cookies to make this website work properly. You can send any questions you have about your privacy and this website to

Information we collect

Favourited policies and candidates

You can favourite policies and candidates to help decide who to vote for. 

We collect and keep this information. But we cannot connect it to you personally because we do not know who our users are. No one will be able to associate you with your list of favourite policies or candidates unless you use the share function or someone else uses the device you were browsing on.

If you are using a public device or a device you share with others, we recommend you clear your cookies and browsing history after browsing this website. You can also clear your favourites list just for this website by clicking the reset button on the Your results page

Meshblock but not address

You can provide your street address so that we can show you which electorate you’re in and the candidates running in that electorate. 

Asking for your address is the easiest way to provide you this information. We don’t ever see, collect or store your address. 

When you enter your address, it is sent to our address provider, Addy, who sends back a unique identifier (your meshblock) for the area where your address is. We use the meshblock to identify and show you your electorate.

We store your meshblock in our system and on your device in a cookie. We cannot identify you by your meshblock number. 

If you don’t want to enter your address, you can select your electorate from a list. If you don’t know which electorate you’re in, you can find out on the Electoral Commission website.

Demographics and how you use this website

We collect anonymised data about our users' demographics and how our users browse this website. 

This information includes IP addresses and domain names; location data; operating system and browser information; search engine details (how a user arrived at the website); date, time and length of visit; and URLs of the pages visited on the website.

We collect this data using Google Analytics. Analytics data is aggregated and cannot individually identify you to us. 

We cannot link this data with data we collect about which policies and candidates our users like or meshblocks.


What we do with information we collect

We will never sell information about our users or allow it to be used contrary to the public interest. 

Publication in the public interest

We may publish user policy and candidate preference data if we think it will be in the public interest. For example, we might report on which policies are most popular. 

For the purposes of publication, we may combine policy and candidate preference data with meshblock data. 

We may provide this data to someone else to publish, but only if the recipient agrees to publish the data to the public. For example, we might provide the data to a news media organisation to publish.

We will not provide data we collect to third parties for any private use.


We may provide user policy and candidate preference data and meshblock data to researchers associated with tertiary education institutions whose research has relevant ethical approvals. We welcome inquiries from researchers at

Improving our website and communications and dealing with advertisers and sponsors

We use the data about our users demographics and how they use the site to help make the site better. For example, it might help us learn what parts of the site our users find difficult to use and which bits work well. 

We may share summaries generated from analytics data with our media partner, The Spinoff, and our advertisers and sponsors. 



We place cookies on your device to make the website work properly. The cookie allows us to show you your electorate and to store your list of favourite policies and candidates. 

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